We will do all the designing for you. We will take measurements of the area provided. We will take into account how many children will be playing on the structure at a given time. We will design to fit the budget that you have. We will design the structure to include the elements that you want and like.

We have many grant and fundraising ideas that we can provide to you at no cost.

We travel the northern half of Minnesota and the whole state of North Dakota.

We offer 17% off all playground equipment through the Minnesota Service Cooperative and the North Dakota Service Cooperative. We also have discounts on all other equipment through these cooperatives. Also many times throughout the year we will have sales on playground equipment that could be up to 50% off.

We will provide all equipment and tools for the install. You will need to provide concrete and the volunteers. We will then assist in installing the entire structure from start to completion.

We can provide you with certified wood fiber, rubber mulch, pour in place rubber, rubber tiles, artificial turf.

It takes approximately 4 weeks from time equipment is ordered to time it arrives on site.

No, we provide all the designs and posters you may need for free.