Early Childhood Play Solutions

Ages 2-5

Designed with little hands in mind, Northwoods Playground & Park Amenities offers slides that include a bead edge on each side, allowing hands to hold on when the slightest bit of apprehension hits. The scallop at the slide bottom mimics the design of the slide hood, acts as a gutter to allow rain and dew to drain, and is an early warning for the sight impaired. Personalize your playground by choosing one of our unique specialty slides -- the Rumble Seat Slide, the Slither Slide or the Trippple Slide.


Explorer® Playstructures

Our Explorer® modular series is ergonomically designed specifically for children ages 2-5 years. It features sturdy steel posts in your choice of six colors with brightly colored plastic and steel play components and yellow vinyl-coated perforated-steel decking. The perfect solution for younger children.


PlayDesigns' Fun Centers

PlayDesigns' Fun Center provide age-appropriate play components for children at each stage of development. By providing activities designed to meet the needs and interests of each age group from Infants to Toddlers to Preschoolers, these affordable, sturdy play centers help your little ones gain important skills as they explore stimulating activities and learn to play with others.

With no footings or digging required, this structure is easy to assemble and relocate if desired. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.


Toddler Town™

Designed with toddlers in mind, Toddler Town™ play structures are boldly colored, developmentally appropriate and proportioned for preschool bodies. The Village Shop (shown above) offers seven imaginative play activities including the Whimsy Wheel Panel which offers an afternoon of driving adventure.