Shelter for any Playground or Park

When it's time to get a large gathering of family, friends, or neighbors together, do you have a park shelter with the capability to handle the people, food, picnic tables, unpredictable weather, and exaggerated fishing stories all at once?

Northwoods Playgrounds understands the needs of Northern Minnesotans and North Dakotans to gather under a strong, sturdy shelter that is built to handle the demands of anyone and everyone... Mother Nature, tourists, and pot luck gurus included. This is why we are the regional representative for RCP Shelters, Inc.

If you are looking for a premium-quality shelter at a simply unbeatable price, we offer an option you can trust. Additionally, experience customization at its finest, as you can design any shelter style to suit your specifications.

The steel-framed series of shelters assemble with bolted tubular steel construction for easy installation. We have all the colors to match any other features or elements in your park or landscape. All steel shelters are finished with the strongest paint finish in the industry. We also have wood structures that can be designed to meet the demands of any activity.

Featuring first-class designers and architects, we are ready to help you plan your next project at no extra cost. Our team has expert level knowledge of codes and snow loads required in Northern Minnesota and North Dakota. Working on a tight timeline? We have the ability to develop designs in a matter of days, not weeks, once we know your needs and objectives.

Baseball Field Dugouts

Springtime in Northern Minnesota and North Dakota is an annual reminder to take the bats and gloves out of storage and hit the diamond. Does your local field have a sturdy, dependable dugout to handle the hundreds of games played each year?

Northwoods Playground & RCP Shelters, Inc. is ready to step up to the plate and deliver dugouts from Classic Recreation that are built for elite-level performance. Our dugouts are available in a multitude of sizes and column configurations. The standard model features a 24-gauge HR-36 steel roof, without tubular steel fascia. Custom models may add tubular steel fascia, heavier 22-gauge steel roof for additional vandal and dent resistance, or for even more protection, a 2" x 6" tongue and groove subroof. Fencing and walls are provided by others.

  • Excellent visibility, with varying column layouts
  • Rugged, with heavy-duty roof options
  • See Marana model for cantilever dugout design
  • Measured from eave to eave

Image from Classic Recreation

Shelters of all Shapes, Colors, and Sizes

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