Inclusive Playground Equipment

What's the definition of an exceptional outdoor play environment? At Northwoods Playground & Park Amenities, we believe in providing an atmosphere where everyone can participate.

Our inclusive playgrounds are conceptualized with guidance from child development experts. These professionals understand that children with disabilities or ones on the autism spectrum need just as much playtime as those who develop typically — or those who develop typically but have a caregiver with a disability. Explore our inclusive playground designs, and find out how our structures can be an educational resource for your community.

Inclusive Play Design Guide

How do you create an exciting outdoor play environment for everyone?

Developed by a group of playground and child development experts, the Inclusive Play Design Guide is an inspirational and educational resource to make the playground a place of wonder and imagination for all children.

Everyone means typically-developing children, children on the autism spectrum, children who have a cognitive disability, and those who use a wheelchair.

Everyone means all the people in the family, not just the children. The issue is much larger. The design of playgrounds and surrounding environments in almost every community prevents parents and grandparents with disabilities, including injured veterans, from taking typically developing children there.

The Inclusive Play Design Guide offers a set of strategies and solutions to the challenges that face communities in their journey to inclusive play.