Trust the Leader in Outdoor Drinking Fountains

When children aren't using the park's playground equipment, the water fountain is often the next most-popular attraction.

Northwoods Playground & Park Amenities sells and installs Murdock Drinking Fountains. Murdock is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of outdoor drinking fountains, hydrants, pre-engineered park and recreation buildings, and bicycle security lockers. Operating since 1853, Murdock is the trusted name for quality water solutions in parks and recreation markets.

For over 160 years, Murdock has been the benchmark in both the drinking fountain and water hydrant industries. As early as 1853, while most people were drawing water from common wells, the Murdock company was manufacturing and installing water delivery designs.

Murdock provides a variety of drinking fountain options to fit perfectly in your park or playground. Fountain options include Adult and Juvenile ADA compliant, four-season, push button bubbler, spigot, spout, pet shower, pet fountain, chiller, and Safewater.

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Images from Murdock