At Northwoods Playground & Park Amenities, we understand the playground is where imaginations grow and youthful genius blossoms.

This is why we offer creative play structures for all ages from Playworld Systems™ playground equipment. Because we are an official Minnesota and North Dakota representative, we provide discounts you won't find anywhere else. Additionally, our special sales and grants are the finest in the recreation industry.

When you choose Playworld Systems equipment, you enjoy the benefits of a maintenance-free structure that uses the highest quality powder coating and plastics for lasting, brilliant colors. Looking for ideas? We provide free consultations and custom designs for playgrounds.

NEW! Branch Out

It's time to take play to new boundaries with Branch Out, offering the appealing scale and features of nature play in an efficient, open layout. Branch Out allows you to create endless new possibilities for post and platform playgrounds. So how—and how far—you Branch Out is up to you.


Playgrounds for All Ages

It's time to break the boundaries of the typical playground age barrier. From the Infant Fun Center to the Life Trail (an advance wellness system for active older adults), Playworld Systems creates play equipment that lets people of all ages laugh and learn together in multigenerational play.

Northwoods Playground & Park Amenities covers all types of play from conventional play structures, theme parks, wellness systems, early childhood fun centers, electronic game centers, skate park systems and more. Click a category below to explore more.

Specializing in Early Childhood Playgrounds

For most pre-schoolers, the playground is their first home away from home. It's the place where they first engage with other children and the world at large—that's no small responsibility! Every playground is built with these elements in mind:

  • Open designs provide a continuous line of sight for easy supervision
  • Developmentally appropriate activities are designed for ages 5 and under
  • Physical activities build balance, strength, and fine-and gross-motor skills
  • Imaginary play activities promote cognitive and social development
  • Flexible designs pack plenty of play value into any size of space or budget
  • Thoughtful selection of playground surface material such as wood mulch, rubber mulch, rubber tiles, and pour-in-place
Image from Playworld Systems
Image from Playworld Systems