1. Quality and Best Price

We beat our competition on quality, customer service, installation, warranty and more!

Northwoods Playground & Park Amenities is the Minnesota and North Dakota Cooperative representative and can immediately take 17% off of most play structures. Save time by not having to bid out the project—the law allows us to work directly with you. We provide the highest quality and the absolute best price for our playgrounds (We often have sales of 35% off!). When this happens, the highest percentage will be used to discount your play structure.

2. Installation by Certified Staff

Our competition, in many cases, subcontracts installations to non-certified contractors, putting liability on you. They often have no liability insurance or workman's compensation. When things go wrong, they are not there to be responsible for their work. Often they come from out of state or the Twin Cities costing more.

We do all our own installs, no subcontracting to unqualified contractors. Our staff is certified and here to directly serve you within timetables that meet your needs. We meet all federal, state, and insurance requirements to protect you, our customer. When doing volunteer installs, we send a crew to work with your group, not just a single person. We also bring our equipment and Bobcat.

3. Northwest Experts in Safety

Many of our competitors are not certified in safety. Because they are not from Northern Minnesota or North Dakota, or they use a subcontractor, it will cost you more. Unfortunately, they take little to no responsibility once the project is complete and they leave.

Northwoods Playground & Play Amenities is an expert in safety and provides safety classes each year through the cooperative. We can do safety analysis of existing playgrounds and we strive for the highest safety standards in the industry. We are here to make sure your playground is designed and installed correctly to meet all safety codes and standards.

4. Accountability and Warranty

Our competition, in many cases, is not located in Northern Minnesota/North Dakota and cannot expediently resolve an issue. Often times, they are unwilling to return to a site once a project is completed because they make no money and do not want to waste their time.

Northwoods Playground & Park Amenities is based in Northern Minnesota, assuring we are here when you need immediate customer service. If something goes wrong, we can dispatch our team to correct any problem. Our warranties are the best in the industry. We also provide maintenance for all our play structures and other equipment.

5. Working with YOU

Our competition, in many cases, is not local, making them less willing to meet with your advisory group. Many times they don't have professional landscape architects to provide design advice and recommendations to you and your advisory group.

Northwoods Playground & Park Amenities will directly meet with you or your advisory group if requested. We design any playground at no cost by our professional landscape architects. We look at the design of your whole park or school playgrounds to make sure everything fits together. Our landscape architects on staff can assist you as requested. We understand your need for fast turnaround on tight deadlines and can create designs that meet this demand.

6. Fundraising and Grant Writing

Our competition, in most cases, has little knowledge in grant writing or fundraising. They often provide their own type of artifice grant that takes a percentage off a marked-up project they sell.

Northwoods Playground & Park Amenities has the expertise to provide you the assistance in who to contact and how to write grants. Most grant opportunities are through the state or federal government, or private foundations. Fundraising involves community special events -- we are equipped to help you with planning.