Creativity and innovation are important to us! Berliner Play Equipment gives us the opportunity to showcase new concepts and diverse product lines. Whether it's a pocket park or a huge play scape, these designs highlight the uniqueness and inclusive qualities that set our high standards.

berliner play equipment

Whether it's Triis, Towers or something in between, our Greenville product line is elegant and authentic to the creativity of Berliner. The Greenville series uses treehouses, rope playhouses with spatial nets and towers covered in bamboo paneling to encompass the natural aesthetic. These structures can be standalone play pieces or connected together using transition elements like bridges and tunnels. The Greenville product line has some of our favorite standard units, but can be customized to become an unseen classic.

Berliner created a show-stopping play space this week! This majestic combination features some staple structures from our Greenville series. Starting on one end with low rope course Terranos pieces, like a net funnel, slackline or net helix, we then work our way up into the Triis. Featuring two Trii.2s and two Trii.3s, this linear structure line is connected using various net tunnels to reach the main attraction. The Pentaboo M and Triple Boo are a young climbers paradise! The design also features our decorative Leaves on the four inner pieces.